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    ok now my networks work again but are still not in the right order. i dont know how that even works. mgmt is internet and internet is mgm in the VM's  from the mapping of the vmk's in the esxi server that should not even be possible.


    anyways. thanks for the quick answer

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  • 10/01/16--23:17: add device problem
  • Hey,


    I can't add a device.

    The add device button replaced by 2 arrows and the add device option is greyed out.

    What should i do?

    צילום מסך 2016.10.02 ב.9.04.10.png

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  • 10/01/16--23:22: Re: add device problem
  • I am using fusion pro 8.1.1 with macOS sierra

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    Tenía el mismo problema, me descargué el iso desde MEGA, lo grabé en un CD y arranque la máquina virtual con Win 98. En esas condiciones pude acceder a la instalación de las Tools sin problemas. Lo que no sabía es que para ese SW no existe la opción "Shared Folders" que era la que más me interesaba. Pero la instalación puede hacerse así sin aparentes problemas.


    Gracias, saludos,



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    After upgrading VMWare Workstation on Windows 10 Host (1607 latest updates as of Oct 1, 2016) from 12.2. to 12.5 starting the OS X 11.6 guest it starts first normally with apple logo screen but after a longer wait  the Display went weird (see picture below). I've seen another user has reported the same on stackoverflow ->

    Therefore, it doesn't seem to be unique to my setup.

    I'm aware that a setup with Mac OSX X guest might not be officially supported - however, it worked well before upgrading to Workstation 12.5. So, this might be a general issue with changes in the Display Driver impacting other ("supported") setups as well.

    I've tried to play with the display settings (auto-detect vs. fixed configuration) - so far no success.


    Any hints?



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    ... just for info:  I'm owner of original Mac Hardware,  so I'm running only my own OS X version for development in such a set-up as it is common use these days for development with any OS.

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    Does anyone have any ideas on this one? It's still an issue and I can not find where the host is being renamed.

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    Stay on 8.5 unless you want your fan to spin FOREVER. Energy usage is much higher on 8.5 than 8.11. My macbook sounds like a Server Room with the same utilization before the upgrade. Wish I had never upgraded. VMWare, please fix.


    I hve tried unintstall/reinstall according to KB to no avail.


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    無償版vSphere Clientを高解像度モニタで使用するとコンソール表示が1/4しかされなくなります。







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    AFAIK NSX manager and Controller upgrade can be done .Start with NSX manager upgrade and either you can upgrade existing controller or delete and deploy new controller. However  host preparation or vib upgrades demands host to be in maintenance mode and that's where we are limited because host count is one.

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    Hi vMan,


    I'm not sure it answers the questions either


    However I will go away and explore the areas you have pointed out... Thank for your time and effort in responding, it is much appreciated.



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    私はESXi を大画面で使用することがないのですが、


    vSphere Client だとデフォルトだとVMの「仮想マシンのハードウェア バージョン」が古く、8 (VMware Workstation 8.x / ESXi 5.0相当)だと思います。

    それを最新(ESXi 6.0 なら11 / vmx-11)にバージョンアップしてからビデオメモリや、解像度を上げてみるとよいかもしれません。

    Windows ゲスト OS へのビデオ解像度モードの追加 (2078472) | VMware KB

    Adding video resolution modes to Windows guest operating systems (1003) | VMware KB




    Does Workstation 11 and ESXI 6 Support 4K monitor Guest Resolution?



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    > それを最新(ESXi 6.0 なら11 / vmx-11)にバージョンアップしてからビデオメモリや、解像度を上げてみるとよいかもしれません。








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  • 10/02/16--03:55: Management VLAN ID
  • Hi All,


    I am very new to Vmware in general and from a Cisco background.


    I have a server with one NIC which I will be connecting to a physical network/test lab. I have installed ESXI on my server and going through the config. When I am asked for the management vlan ID should I be putting the same vlan ID that I use for management on my physical network? I have configured the IP on this range. If I configure the Vlan ID, will all management traffic from the host be tagged with this ID? How is traffic to and from the virtual switches distinguished from the management based traffic?


    My plan is to have a mix of server and desktop vms in different vlans so I assume my server NIC will need to be connected to a trunk on the physical switch along with my physical GWs etc..


    Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    Try something like this



       Select @{N="Age" ; E={((Get-Date) -$_.Created).days}},


        @{Label="Size";Expression={"{0:N2}"-f ($_.SizeGB)}},


        @{Label="Created by";Expression={

            Get-VIEvent-entity ($snap.vm) -typeinfo-MaxSamples1000|

            Where {$_.FullFormattedMessage.contains("Create virtual machine snapshot")} |





    $partOne=$Report|SelectAge,VM,OS,Size,"Created by",Created,Name,Description|






    ConvertTo-Html-Body"$partOne$partTwo"-Title"Snapshot report"|


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    Do you experience the same issue on multiple stations, or just one?

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    we just wanted to repair VM, and we tried command in postgresql as you can see in photo:


    Also tried without <> and without '<>' but no luck. Where could be a problem?

    We were following this guide In View Administrator a View desktop has a status of "Provisioned (Missing)" (2004269) | VMware KB
    We are using View Horizon 7

    Many thanks!

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  • 10/02/16--05:15: Re: Management VLAN ID
  • The virtual network configuration is similar to the physical one, i.e. if the host is connected to a trunk port on the Cisco switch, you'll have to configure the port groups - the VMkernel port groups as well as Virtual Machine port groups - with a valid VLAN-ID. The only exception exists for port groups with traffic for the physical swich port's native VLAN (in case you are going to use this on the host). In such a case the tagging is done by the physical port, so don't set a VLAN-ID on such a port group.



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  • 10/02/16--05:36: Re: Management VLAN ID
  • Hi Andre,


    Thanks for the information. I see there are 3 different methods of tagging traffic. Is VST the most common? For the Management IP of the host, is it best practice to use the subnet and vlan ID of the overall management network that is used in the physical world?

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  • 10/02/16--05:47: Re: Management VLAN ID
  • Yes, VST is likely the most common way to do this.

    Keeping the Management Traffic on a secured VLAN is is basically something like you do with other important systems. Keep in mind that access to an ESXi host is comparable to being able to access a server rack/room.



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